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Storage Solutions

All our storage solutions (Shelving products) are continuously developed in order to streamline our manufacturing productivity and capacity. Our product quality and standards are incomparable as we do not compromise on anything, from the raw materials to the finishing.

All our raw materials are 100% locally sourced and all other components of each of the shelving systems are fully made in-house. We take pride in supporting the local economy and we strive to be regionally dominant.

We currently compete regionally and globally with countries such as China. We have successfully strived to price match our competitors while offering much better quality and durability, that we can guarantee.

Our Storage Solutions include; warehouse racking systems, bolt-less shelving, cold storage shelving, mobile shelving, light weight shelving, heavy duty shelving, slotted angle shelving, supermarket shelving, mezzanine floor shelving and custom shelving.

Warehouse racking systems

Slotted Angle Shelving | Light Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

Supermarket Shelving

Mobile Shelving Units

Mezzanine Floor Shelving

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